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Professional stock photography: Hertiage Park serenity

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Caribbean stock photography - Hertiage Park serenity
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Royalty Free (RF) Caribbean stock photography: 'Hertiage Park serenity'

Royalty Free (RF) Stock Photo Title: Hertiage Park serenity

Catalogue Number: 55_2_7713

Date Taken: 19/Jun/2008

Release Status: None

Photographer: Noel Tock

Professional Caribbean photography includes images of the ocean. A pier is a raised walkway over the sea, supported by widely spread piles or pillars. The lighter structure of a pier allows tides and currents to flow almost unhindered, whereas the more solid foundations of a quay or the closely-spaced piles of a wharf can act as breakwaters, and are consequently more liable to silting. Piers can range in size and complexity from a simple lightweight wooden structure to major structures extended over a mile out to sea. Piers are the same as docks, which would be found in lakes or on rivers.

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Clifton Heritage Park, New Providence, The Bahamas 

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